Runway: Not Always Glamorous


Have you ever been to a fashion show, or seen a fashion show on television? Have you ever noticed the models focus while walking down the runway? Sometimes models have to walk in shoes that take plenty of balance, confidence, and focus. Although it may look extremely easy to walk from one end of the runway and back to the beginning of the runway, it is NOT. Walking down the runway can be challenging. The type of outfit and/ or shoes the model will be wearing, and the runway the models will be walking on, can raise the level of complexity for an effective runway walk. On a good note, there are tips and rules to help models successfully RIP THE RUNWAY!

3  Cheers for all of the Fashion Models!!!

Note: This blog and video is not meant to tease nor humiliate Fashion Models in any manner. This blog and video is meant to inform and possibly discuss Runway experiences and/ or thoughts.

Web Sources for the  shoe images: (check out some of the neat and creative shoe designs)

Also, for a Visual of how Complex Walking Down a Runway can be, check out this video:


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