Check This Out! Gaming Enhanced

I have been doing some research on the gaming industry (pretty awesome Industry) and I came across some technology, racing simulators (the technology is new to me, but not so new to the game developers) that could make your racing experience the ultimate racing experience! Now I have never been a big “gamer” but I have played many racing games throughout the years (those seem to be the video games I have the best coordination in lol) so when I seen the racing simulators and learned some things that they can do, “I have to try this!” came to my mind, then I thought “I would love for the whole world to get a chance to experience or view this technology”. Well I did a little more research and luckily for me got in contact with a brilliant young man who is actually getting a racing league using the racing simulators, that I am excited about trying. As I talked to him over the phone, I found out that at the moment he is in the process of getting everything in order to make the racing league a success, and he said he is letting everyone that would like to, take a moment and fill out his gaming league survey, every survey counts he said. It will help him further know what his demographics are, and where to set the tryouts. I told him I would love to take the survey, so he sent me the link. I took a moment to fill out the survey (it took about 2 minutes) and after I asked him a few more questions about the racing simulators, we ended our conversation.

As soon as I find out when the tryouts start I will be sure to post it! I also posted the link to the gaming league survey below if you are interested in being apart of the movement.

Check This Out!

If you would like to take the survey visit:


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