My Viral Campaign


I am doing a viral campagin for Gift Baskets for All, a company that provides gourmet gift baskets for any occasion. This campaign is very important not only for the company but for myself, I plan to use what I learned from this campaign in other campaigns I plan to do in the future.

Note: This is for a class project only.

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Why Pinterest


Although I like many bookmarking sites, I must say I really like Pinterest. I can not believe I just opened an account with them. Pinterest has it were you can pin and share photos in minutes. Many demographics will use this site: artists, students, and business professionals, just to name a few. I also think it is good for promoting a business because is also connected with Twitter and Facebook, so when you  take a picture of the product you made or sell you can share it  with your followers, or publicize your photo and share it with anyone.

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